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Carburetor tuning

Holly Carburetors Many car enthuasists claim to understand how carburetors work and affect the engine of cars, however to the trained professionals at Auto-Carbs carburetors are more than basic pieces of equipment.
At a basic level air is taken into the carburetor which in turn determines how much is air & fuel should be mixed for the engine. A little too much and performance can be sluggish and fuel comsumption noticably high. On the otherhand, if there is too little air, the car will omit a bang or sound which is the tell tale sould of progressive damage to the engine.
At Auto-Carbs, Rudi and his team understand the fine details of each brand of carburetor and how it affects your engine. They know what the correct balance needs to be between your carburetor and engine. In a number of instances a trained professional will identify that the issue is not with the carburetor itself but with one of the components that it works with.

So, get the right advice from the onset so you can ensure your car runs to peak performance.